Osteochondritis Dissecans Treatment

Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) is a disease that primarily affects a very focused area of bone that is located directly adjacent to the smooth gliding cartilage that caps the end of our bones. This bone, for reasons we don’t understand, loses its blood supply. If the blood supply is not re-established, then this area of bone starts to detach itself from the surrounding healthy bone and starts to affect the health of the adjacent cartilage. If the process continues, the unhealthy bone and cartilage will become completely detached and leave a defect. This can potentially lead to arthritis.

OCD is typically first noticed in late childhood and most commonly affects the knee but can also affect the elbow and ankle. If detected early, conservative measures can be successful to allow for spontaneous healing. If conservative measures fail, the OCD is too advanced to consider conservative treatment or the patient’s athletic endeavors make prolonged conservative treatment untenable, then surgical intervention is often required.

There are multiple surgical procedures for OCD and it depends on the stage of the OCD to determine what options are appropriate.  Please click the links below to learn more.

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