Planning Your First Visit

Planning Your Visit

In preparation for your visit, it is helpful to dress accordingly for the body part that you would like examined and evaluated.  For a knee or hip, shorts or loose fitting track pants that can easily be rolled up above the knee are helpful.  For shoulders and elbows, a loose-fitting tee shirt or tank top is very helpful.  If you are coming for a second opinion or if you already have imaging, it is very helpful to bring a disc with the imaging as well as the radiology report, if it is available.

Please bring photo identification and proof of insurance for yourself or of the adult guardian.

When you arrive, it is important to know the name and doses of any medications you are taking as well as any medical diagnoses.  This will be entered into our electronic medical record system so that our medical team has the best overall picture of the patient and can provide the optimum care.

Because we are a research-oriented teaching hospital, we collect outcome data on several of our patients.  You or your child may be asked to answer questions regarding the body part in question.  Also, you may be asked to participate in a research study.  All of this is voluntary, and if you or your child wish not to participate, it will in no way affect the care we deliver.

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